Freelance writers

Freelancing sites are never responsible for your payment if you did not ask your contractor of employer for a Milestone or a Deposit through the site.  If there has been a milestone payment or your employer shows an adequate amount in the site account to pay for your contract, then all is well and good, except if you produce materials that are totally unacceptable.

So what does a freelancer do if the “non-person” at the other end of gtalk or the mystery individual somewhere in a corner of the world doesn’t pay?  Here are some of the scenarios and some things you can do

1.  Maybe it is a “huge” conglomerate and the finance department has to go through all the checks and counter checks regarding the output and then the check gets lost in transit in the world-wide web.

2.  Maybe their client did not pay them, so your client is not paying you too.  Hard luck case.

3.  Maybe they were out to cheat you in the first place and trusting person that you are got suckered out of a couple of sleepless nights.

4.  Well, maybe you should post the article or write-up in (free site), so you will be notified once your client post it somewhere else or use it or sell it.

5.  Maybe you should post it in sites like  so that your client cannot post it or sell it because it has already been published.

6.  Maybe you can post the name of the “cheat” in my comment portion, so that others will not be suckered next time.


2 Responses to Freelance writers

  1. PhilVA says:

    well, deposits work to protect contractors if you do arrangements thru paid sites like elance and odesk. but can the international community pass a law to protect international contractors like us who depend on honesty?

    • philaction says:

      I don’t think so. There is no international court of law that I know of for this kind of thing YET. The best way is to band together and blog about those that are notorious cheaters — but that can can have serious implications and it might eventually be a free-for-all. You can’t always monitor who will “talk back” and say bad things about you in return. AND – online identity can easily be changed.

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