Exceptional Filipinos and Filipinas

1.  AIZA GUTIERREZ of Cuenca, Batangas in Saipan
Excerpts from the Report of Clarissa David published in the Saipan Tribune on October 15, 2011

Aiza Gutierrez is a 24-year old native of Cuenca, Batangas and has been working in Star Sands Plaza for almost a year now, a flourishing store selling clothes in Saipan.

She arrived in Saipan in 2006, having taken up accountancy at the University of Batangas with a few years of experience in a garment retail outlet.

Majority of the store’s patrons are local residents but Gutierrez serves many Chinese, Korean and Japanese shoppers too while the store staff are a mixture of Burmese, Korean, Filipino and Chamorros.

2.  ROGELIO “ROGER ROSAL” of Ibaan, Batangas

Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal who headed Southern Tagalog’s NPA’s Melito Glor Command and who has been CPP spokesman for many years  died of a heart attack more than 3 months ago.

Ka Roger has been born in Ibaan, Batangas on April 19, 1947 in a poor family.  He sold mosquito nets because his parents were too poor to send him to school.  Later he attended the Golden Gate College in Batangas City and was a freshman the age of 24.  That year was 1971 and that was the time for activists and human right leaders.  He became a member of the Kabataang Gabay ng Bayan and then the Kabataang Makabayan.

3.  Rear Admiral Eleanor V. Valentin, First female and First Asian Director of the US Navy Medical Service Corps

Rear Admiral Eleanor V. Valentin exemplifies the turnaround of Filipino nationals’ status in the US military.  Where before, Filipinos were only allowed to serve as cooks, stewards or valets in the US Navy, things have changed drastically starting in 1973 when Filipino nationals were allowed to get the rank according to their qualifications.

Eleanor Valentin is the first female, first Filipino Medical Service Corps officer with the flag officer rank and the first female director of the Navy Medical Service Corps.  The Surgeon General of the Navy, Vice Admiral Adam Robinson selected Read Admiral Valentin for her promotion to her important post which is equivalent to Chief Operating Officer in the civilian world.

Valentin is born of Filipino parents who migrated to the US before she was born.  She received her BS degrees at the University of Washington with a Masters degree in Public Health and a Master of Science degree in Biostatistics at the University of Hawaii.

 Source:  http://www.asianjournal.com SATURDAY, 20 AUGUST 2011 00:00 CYNTHIA DE CASTRO | AJPRESS LOS ANGELES

4.  Fil-Am Ellona Santiago

Ellona Santiago is a Fil-Am living in San Lorenzo CA  who belongs to the group inTENsity.  They joined the X Factor USA Season 1 talent show and now made it to the semi-finals

This talented young lady represents the Filipino-American community and the who Bay Area.  inTENsity made it past the first elimination round as of Oct. 25 but they need public voting support to win.  We wish Ellona and inTENsity the best of luck

5.  Jasmine Villegas

Filipino-Mexican-American Jasmine V is a hot teen age Hollywood artist which is known as the one who caught Justin Bieber’s eye in his Baby video.  She is seventeen years old and one of the newest recording artis of Sony Epic.

Her parents are Mexican/US born Robert Villegas and Cavite native US-raised Bernadette Vales.





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