The Electronic Cigarette: Inhaling vapor, not smoke

An Electronic Cigarette is a stainless steel shell with an indicator light simulating a lighted cigarette tip.  It has a micro-electronic circuit, a lithium ion battery and a vapor atomizer device.  The electronic cigarette is designed to provide the same pleasure as a regular cigarette enjoyed by tobacco smokers.  In lieu of the smoke though, it emits pure vapor creating a better smoke-free atmosphere. 


Electronic cigarettes have three main components:  the battery, the cartridge and the atomizer.  Some electronic cigarettes units combine the vapor atomizer device and the cartridge and call it cartomizer.  The atomizer heats up the flavored nicotine to create a harmless vapor which is inhaled by the smoker or vaper.


E Cigarette kits can be purchased with two batteries and one atomizer.  When a user wants two independent eCigarettes an extra atomizer can be assembled with one of the two batteries in the regular kit.  The eCigarette is activated by the eCigarette component.  A smart chip inside the battery automatically activates the atomizer device when the user puffs it.  The battery is good for the whole day when recharged an hour a day.


The atomizer is the heating component and powerhouse of the electronic cigarette, without which it cannot function.  The air flow sensor and the microprocessor are contained in the atomizer.  The little wick absorbs the solution from the cartridge and a sensor detects every time the user takes a drag.  Then the atomizer is triggered to start heating up the nicotine solution to produce the vapor.  The user inhales the vapor instead of smoke.  The older electronic cigarette models require the activation of the atomizer manually, but the newer models have the new sensors.


When used correctly the  vapor atomizer device can last up to 6 months.  However, atomizers may be replaced whenever the vapor shows signs of lessened potency.  It is advised not to use one atomizer too long at one time as there is danger of overheating.  You may switch atomizers whenever you feel that it is getting too hot.

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  1. philaction says:

    I was reviewing my old articles, and I again found an UNPAID for article published elsewhere – comments are off and you can’t even complain. So I am publishing it here under my name.

    A great writer reveals the truth even when he or she does not wish to.

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