Cooking Baking Serving and Blogs of Interest

I have come across this website  in my wanderings, with the Top Blog Lists.  I don’t really know how to link up (YET), so I hope this works.

Top Interests Blogs
Anime Anthropology Asian Food Astrology Autos
Aviation Baking Beauty Careers Comics
Conflict Resolution Contests Crafts Cute Stuff Do It Yourself
Engineering Event Planning Fashion Filmmaking Food
Future Gardening Genealogy Geology Guitars
Guns Homeschooling Hotels Humor Hunting
Insurance Law Linguistics Military Motorcycles
Movies Publishing Radio Real Estate Screenwriting
Shopping T-shirts Tea Toys Vegans
Watches Wedding


About philaction

As Executive Director of the Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., we found that we cannot reach the rank-and-file, ordinary workers, up-and-rising supervisors and middle managers to join our developmental efforts and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and events because BPCCI membership is limited to business-owners while other membership organizations cater only to specific professionals or cliques. Philippine Action Group for Social Responsibility has been organized to enjoin the workforce and the OFWs to join and contribute to our efforts - public service, trainings and seminars, improvement of services, productivity and quality, good governance etc.
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